Go the Crusaders

Off to the game tonight - bit bloody wet and rainy but this is rugby and it is a winter sport. Few beers at the work social club and then a cab to the stadium before a shout and a hotdog whilst the boys cream the opposition.

Now, normally I would shout for any NZ over Crusaders, fair enough. I would be ambivalent if an Aussie team were playing against the Crusaders and would lean towards the boys in black-and-red against any SA side.

Well, ambivalent against any Aussie side isn't correct. I want everyone to beat the Brumbies. And that's only because I have a dislike of George Gregan that I can't get past. Not a personal one, I hear he's a nice person and I like his coffee. He is, despite last weeks aberration, a clean player and his also bloody good at what he does. No, none of that gets to me - it's the mouth.

But, because of last weeks cock-up he;s not playing.

But, his shadow lies heavy across the Brumbies and so I'm gonna cheer my little heart out for the Crusaders!


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