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After RSS comes OPML - help with the world of website feeds

I know, I know, it's all geek speak and really who cares? Well, RSS is what you know as "feed" (ie, notify me when there's something new on [fill in website name but may I suggest ChCh-Changes]". Check out my RSS explanation.

OPML (Ordinary Persons Management Listy-thing ... or something) is a way of taking all your RSS/Atom feeds and stick 'em in one list that you can then share around. Up until now sharing had meant saving it to your hard drive, sticking in an email and sending it out .. but the fella that invented RSS, Dave Winer, from the good ole US of A has come up with a better way which TechCrunch » Share Your OPML explains.

Why do it at all ... not sure really but, like most new stuff, the world might catch-on and the big boys implement it and we're all suddenly wondering how we lived with out.