Tracking your comments

coComment logoWell, I signed up to coComment to give it a whirl. It's fair to say it's easy until you come to leave a comment.

Here's the installation steps I went through (in 5 mins) - you only really need to do 1 and 2:
  1. Sign up to and click on confirmation email
  2. Dragged a bookmarklet to my Firefox bookmarks toolbar
    Not idea what you do for IE and the others
  3. Added the 'Blog Box' to my Blogger template (down the left-hand side)
    This keeps a track of the comments I've made and the responses to them
  4. Added an RSS 2.0 feed to my news readers (Google Reader & Desktop)

And then I tried it. This wasn't as easy as I'd expected. Here's my learning path:

Attempt number one with HaloScan comments:
  1. Clicked onto SunnyO
  2. Clicked on the Comments link for "Lovely start to the day (yesterday)"
  3. Referred to the coComments help
  4. Aha! No Firefox bookmarks toolbar in Llews HaloScan comment popup and so can't see the coComment bookmarklet
  5. Closed HaloScan popup, re-opened comment link using Firefox's "Open in new tab"
  6. Wrote comment
  7. Clicked coComment bookmarklet and it asked me to fill in this very confusing box - what are they referring to?!?!
  8. I filled it in and it's in my coComment list but not sure if it's picking up responses as I'm not sure HaloScan is supported

Attempt number two with Blogger comments:
  1. Clicked onto Whispering Inferno
  2. Clicked on the Comments link for "Infucktuation"
  3. Arse, no Firefox bookmarks toolbar again
  4. Closed Blogger popup, re-opened comment link using Firefox's "Open in new tab"
  5. Wrote comment
  6. Clicked coComment bookmarklet and again I got the confusing box
  7. I filled it in and somehow saved the comment (which was again confusing)
  8. It's in my coComment list

After both efforts I then waited for the replies to automatically come through to the blog applet (left hand side) or via the RSS feeds. Nothing. So I know what I've written and where but it doesn't show me that others have responded. And that's only half the battle!

Definitely not as easy as they claim - but, as with nearly everything I try nowadays, it is Beta!

It is, however, a valiant effort to solve one of the last annoyances of blogging but not sure it's easy enough for me to use at the moment - more testing required. I will be definitely watching it for enhancements especially as they integrate into the blogging platforms. If they nail it it will become an indespensible service.


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