Girt By Sea

It's right there, in the opening verse of Advance Australia Fair so it must be true.

Jack and Meg photos late February

Meg sitting on Uncle Graeme's knee during Liz's birthday
Flickr: Meg goes for the hand Flickr: Meg on Graham's knee Flickr: Meg looking at the camera

Jack having fun:
Flickr: Woooooow Flickr: Say cheese as Dad reads to Jack Flickr: Jack plays ballon

Pink and frills but hey, Carol (Grandmother) was keen for such a photo so we obliged - she does look kinda cute in the first picture
Flickr: Meg in her party frock Flickr: Liz, Jack and Meg

My awesome children at play
Flickr: Jack and Meg on the playmat

Jack's bedroom :-)
Flickr: Jacks bedroom