It was a cracker of a New Year

A quick run over the Yuletide festivities and the New Year before I get into this year (2006 for those that are still signing the cheques wrong ... who does use cheques?!?!).

Christmas Day was awesome, tree, pressies, Jack and "Santa come?", champagne, family, Archers, food, visitors, food, beer, nuts, James Bond - but very little photo taking :

... and and then we had a few quite days not doing much ... I think as it's been wiped from the memory and I just can't remember. Oh, alright let me have a think ... um ... er ... um ... Boxing Day was quiet, Arts Centre visit with Mum, lunches at the Dux, mates over and get prepared for the Akaroa trip.

30th was the 1.5 hour drive around Bank Peninsula to Akaroa and to our home for the next 6 days - La Vie en Rose Cottage. Nice Kiwi summer place with all the bits you'd want and in the state you'd hope for. Slept the 6 of us very comfortably but we're glad we didn't try and squeeze in Sarah, Graeme and the girls as well.

No Telecom wireless connection though ... bummer!

Without going through on a day-by-day basis here's the highlights in no particular order to be quickly followed up by a sample of photo's for your enjoyment:
  • great lunch at Little River Gallery on the way
  • playing ball with Jack in the garden
  • All Creatures Great And Small most nights (Liz's Christmas pressie from her UK brother-in-law)
  • watching Meg mature and come out into the world
  • Harbour cruise to see the dolphins (saw a fin!)
  • late night drinks and chat with Dad - a special moment for me
  • checking out a friends sisters cafe (Bully Hayes)
  • the Archers over for a day
  • great cooking from everyone
  • French Farm Winery on the way home (wow!)
  • tiki tour around with Ma and Pa (despite the rain it was still fun)
  • chilling out and recharging the batteries
  • watching Mum (Nanna) and Dad (granmndaaa) connect with Jack
  • coming home!
But highlight was - Liz and I out on our own, for a date, with no children, drinking expensive red wine and having a blast. We needed that. Thanks Mum and Dad AND Jack/Meg for not waking up.

... but wait, there's more ...

And finally, we all got in the car and went home

Back to work tomorrow (Monday) to get into my KM New Year Resolution.
I'm sure this year is gonna bring as many cool things as last year but NOT another child, I'm here to tell you right now that that's it! Watch this space for exciting news - maybe something Rugby World Cup 2011 orientated, who knows.


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