Wetting the baby's head

Nearly everything is truly beer orientated in my culture and to that end there’s even a traditional manner that the father and his mates (normally only men but this is a whole new century) celebrate the arrival of a new kiddie winkle within the family – have a few beers down the pub. To ensure that this isn’t seen as just another excuse to ‘have a few beers down the pub’ the whole event is steeped in tradition, starting with the non-beer related name, “Wetting The Baby’s Head”. Um, and that’s about it really. It’s then back to ‘having a few beers down the pub’.

Having been an the Diversity Training here at the Council I’m sure you’d all like to join me in celebrating the awesome event of Meg’s Birth using the traditional Welsh props (beer, mates, laffs).

When: Saturday 17th, 3pm-6pm
Where: The Twisted Hop (6 Poplar Street, Lichfield Lanes)
Why: ‘see above”

Can I get a show of hands for those that are up for it as I realise it’s getting fully into the Christmas period? Thanks.


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