Vote for SunnyO, he's the man for the grassroots blogger

2 days to go! Vote for SunnyO!

[Update Alert *whoop, whoop*]
SunnyO is up for 2005 Webby Awards - Best Australian Or New Zealand Blog
Go on, vote for llew, you know you want to.


I did. And I know it makes sense.

Llew and his blog (SunnyO) are good for what ails ya. He's cleaner than white. He's the housewife's choice. He's new and improved. He wants you to vote for SunnyO in the 2006 New Zealand NetGuide awards.

I fully and without reservation endorse Llew and SunnyO as my choice for the 2006 NZ NetGuide Web Awards.

So, do us all a favour, follow your heart (and the upcoming link) and vote for SunnyO!

How? It's as simple as 1, 2, 3 (and 4):
1: Go to
2: Log in (I know, I know - but do it once and make your vote count)
3: Enter SunnyO (URL is
4: Click the Vote/Submit/Go (whatever it is) button


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