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This time last year

In the spirit of "A review of the year" I thought I'd check out what I was blogging this time in 2004 over at MiramarMike. And it seems I was just entering the world of blogging all young, green and slightly fresh with excitement. The profile picture was uploaded using newly discovered Picasa.

I had published my top jokes of all time and part one and two of the life story whilst telling you why I changed my surname from Boyle to Riversdale - I was obviously catching up with old Website pages. There's a stack of King Kong photo's as well as the first of Jack and some of the Riversdales together with a Happy Christmas from us all photo and the message.

Aha, here's something related to Christmas in one of the lunch time meanderings as well as the 'Reindeer positions terminated' joke email. Christmas Day was quite awesome as the photo's attest to.

And I'll have to link to/from Jacks Playcentre Santa Visit when I put up this years. And, did this happen this year?

I was even linking to 'sporting reviews of 2004' and Dave Barrys review of the 2004; there will be more, I'm sure.

There was the New Years Resolutions repeated here so I can tell you if I actually did 'em:
  • See more of my mates
    DONE but the move to Christchurch stopped it
  • Resurrect the Thursday dinner in Miramar
    DONE but the move to Christchurch ... we did have Wednesday dinners before Meg finally came out.
  • Baby "X"
    DONE: Meg is here
  • Pay off the family debt completely - by April
  • Have a good honest Kiwi holiday
  • Get NZ Citizenship
  • Get British passport in new name
  • Enjoy the Lions tour (July)
    DONE with bells on
  • Spend 2005 with Mum and Dad (from Monmouth)
  • and finally ... see King Kong!

Unfortunately the final posting was about the Asian Tsunami - not a great way to end it for the poor sods that got caught up in it.

Not actually in December 2004 but I am keen to know: