This is what life is all about

I totally agree with both the approach (it makes sense) and the point (life doesn't have to be tedious)! Driving the argument home

Key quotes:
  • he has come up with the idea of "folk traffic calming".
  • described by their creator as "roadwitches" and have included an 11-feet high rabbit, a big bed (for a sleeping policeman), a Casualty-style fake crash scene for Halloween and the setting up of a living room in the middle of the road.
  • deliberately drove into pieces of the living room furniture and then called the council to demand that they shift whatever was left lying in the road.
  • Male drivers didn't seem to like the idea of driving across the carpet. "There needs to be something more creative than just a bump in the road," he says.
I am totally with this dude (Ted Dewan) - go big fella!

Hat tip and, "Thanks for the comment", to Dodderyoldfart at Rest Area 300m


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