Sickens me to my core

I just can't get my head around the apparent torture and then murder of the woman here in central Christchurch. The reports of two laughing guys repeatedly (4 times) running over the woman as she begged for her life just beggars belief. It disgusts me.

As it is thought by the police that the woman may have been a prostitute they had the Christchurch representative of the New Zealand Prostitutes Collective was on National Radio this morning and she made the comment that (I paraphrase) that there is a lot of street violence in central Christchurch, not all of it is aimed at prostitutes and a lot are random acts of violence.

Christchurch, for me, is the one place in the world that I've been very wary of walking around at night. It definitely pays to be not too drunk (not always the case, I admit) and just quite aware of the immediate surrounds.

Of course, reputation feeds reputation and one mustn't get paranoid about it. If you're in well lit areas, with a bunch of people and not being antagonistic idiots then you're be fine and dandy.

Let's hope the police apprehend all those involved and the full weight of the law comes down upon them. I'll never support the death penalty for any reason but I would probably look the other way if I was a prison guard and these two fuckwits were being dealt to in prison.

On another note I see the bubbling sea of racist anger amongst the twinset and pearls can hardly be kept down :-) I can imagine an outcry from the residents, "Oh! I say old chap, steady on."


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