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Oh, the Christmas work do's

The ICT Christmas Do (or "IM&CT" as we're officially called - what do you think it stands for?) last Friday was fine and dandy. The 4 hours of yearly review and catch-up seemed to go well, wasn't as tedious as previous attempts and was well hosted by Ciarran, a man that's kissed the Blarney that's for sure.

I even won a prize for the least number of buzz words ... cracker!

As for the evening do:
  • Drinks from the bar until 6:30pm
  • Buffet meal with wine
  • Cash bar after
  • Disco man playing hits from the 60's, 70's and 80's
  • Drunk and in a cab for home by 1:30am
All jolly fine and dandy ... could've been any Christmas Do in anywhere English speaking country :-) Oh, and I'm still fascinated to know where I left comments in my drunken haze,

There was a whole of Department ("Corporate Services") 2 hour catch-up which was tedious in the extreme until 4 heads of sections did their catch-up presos as Teletubbies. Full costumes, music, opening credit video ... very funny and well done to them all.

Finally I've had my wider team's Christmas Do ("Information Services") as a 2 hour lunch at The Dux. All fun, and fine.

One more to go - THE Knowledge Management Team (me), has invited some people to the Twisted Hop this week for a liquid lunch and that's it. There is the wider Council do at Legends * Friday but Ma and Pa will be here by then so I'll be giving that a miss.

* Pub/club naming theory: if it ends it with the letter 's', it will be crap - think about it!