The latest about Meg

Image hosted by Photobucket.comShe's all good.

She sleeps well. She eats well. She loves watching her bro'.

She is, however, having a great big cry (nay, scream sometimes) around 7-8pm for about 2 hours before nodding off. This is, as the mid-wife explained yesterday, "Something that some babys do and some don't. In fact, quite a few do. We don't know why. And what soothes them one night may not work the next. Some babys do it for 8 hours at a time".

The ending to that should have been, "So, enjoy your baby. I'm outta herre" - exit stage left.

Ach. It's a small thing really and as long as she's not in any danger, getting hurt or spoilt by it then we'll live through it and survive.

Oh. And I get to have an hour with just her around 6am each morning - we listen to BBC comedy via the Web together and I adore those moments.


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