Roast Potatoes

When they come out perfectly there is no better time to be had. Recipe: Ultimate roast potatoes by Angela Nilsen (BBC Good Food)

The latest about Meg

Image hosted by Photobucket.comShe's all good.

She sleeps well. She eats well. She loves watching her bro'.

She is, however, having a great big cry (nay, scream sometimes) around 7-8pm for about 2 hours before nodding off. This is, as the mid-wife explained yesterday, "Something that some babys do and some don't. In fact, quite a few do. We don't know why. And what soothes them one night may not work the next. Some babys do it for 8 hours at a time".

The ending to that should have been, "So, enjoy your baby. I'm outta herre" - exit stage left.

Ach. It's a small thing really and as long as she's not in any danger, getting hurt or spoilt by it then we'll live through it and survive.

Oh. And I get to have an hour with just her around 6am each morning - we listen to BBC comedy via the Web together and I adore those moments.