King Kong - my thoughts

Saw the movie and here's my thoughts including, probably, some SPOILERS!!!

Do not read on if you don't want to know about this film
(mind you I'm stunned by how many people haven't seen the original and don't actually know the story ...)

It was OK - overall 6.5/10. It has some incredible stand out moments during the whole film but generally it just didn't grab me quite as much as Lord Of The Rings. Of course they are different films as LOTR had a complete 'history' to lean on and therefore was steeped in 'a reality', Kong is fantasy and as such had some moments of, "Yeah! Right!"

The special effects are good (again, not always perfectly seamless and amazing as LOTR but that's the standard they've raised for themselves) and Kong himself is brilliant ... just amazing. Much like Gollum he is a full character and it doesn't even enter into your mind that it's all made up - he's just one of the acting crew.

There are icky moments (Lumpy's death is particularly nasty), some scary moments (Kong jumping out of nowhere a few times), some high adventure moments (the Venture crashing into and coming off the rocks was kick ass) and some good humour moments ("You can trust me, I'm a film producer").

As for the acting, well to be honest there's only two players that really went the whole way, Kong and Naomi Watts (Ann Darrow). I think they were amazing ... and when ya think about it I'm really saying that she was amazing. She blew me away at the end but more on that later.

Jack Black (Carl Denham) was close to the mark, just the right amount of 'humour' and 'nastiness' - pretty good.

The rest were all competent and didn't spoil the film which is all I really expect from such an adventure/effects based movie.

The music was OK.

And then there's the ending. If this hadn't been so good I would've rated the film a lot less. I walked out of the film sad, teary and quite emotional. And it hit me a little bit more when I got home - this could've been linked to the 'flu' as well. The ending will blow you away and if you don't have a lump in your throat you're a hard person to please.

Oh, and I loved the credits - totally set the scene for me. Unfortunately the film didn't really have a 1930's feel, I wasn't "there" as such ... that's what was missing, with LOTR I was there, I believed it and entered that world, with Kong I didn't and I was just watching a movie.

On a separate note - I saw the film at Hoyts Northlands Mall and it was crap. Their speakers kept going from 'stereo' to 'mono', had crackles and distortion and impacted totally on my Kong experience. Fuckers. I have complained, I'll let you know what the outcome, if any, is.

And finally - Kong on my blogs (some of the external links may not work anymore, especially Production Diary):

Here's my couple of postings on the KongIsKing bulletin boards:

And finally, a huuuuge thanks and well done to everyone at KongIsKing - it was awesome!


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