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Christmas Work Do this afternoon

I've been a bit "down" on the whole deal as I'm sure it's gonna exhibit all the best bits from The Office without the humour. We (IT bods) have a 4 hour working meeting and I know the management team and Amy have been working extremely hard to make sure it doesn't become to Brent-like.

We'll see ... I mean, the bar isn't exactly set high here is it - Works Christmas Do ... IT section ... for a City Council. We're not talking free champagne and taking everyone to a sandy beach with special showing of King Kong.

And I've even gotta give a quick (we're talking less than 3 minutes) summary of the Intranet project Amy and I have been working on - battling the forces of evil against, more like.

So, we're off to Riccarton Racecourse on the bus at 12:30pm, name tags will be supplied and preso's will occur (no lunch though so I'd better get something in a mo'). Then it's 4 hours of fun and games (yes, there will be games) before relaxing into the pre-meal drinkette, dinner (partners can come if they pay and haven't recently had a beautiful baby girl) and then ... wait for it, wait for it ... a D.I.S.C.O.

It's my dream.

I suspect the saving grace will be that they've hired a professional 'facilitator' and the word on the street is that it's a "comedian". If this person is good then the afternoon could go with a bang.
Here's to Christmas Do's at your workplace, may they be everything you want and then some.

* the picture is me on the company yatcht on Sydney Harbour during a works do - that's what we're talking about!