What Is Happening With Molly Malone's?

As James Shaw asked recently, "What is happening with Molly Malone's?", will we ever get to dance to the tune of Guinness again?

Bloggers of New Zealand/Aotearoa, let's see who you really are

Come together in Wellington (where else) March 17th-18th, 2006 for the first New Zealand Bloggers Conference. All the details you could ever want at Blog Hui 2006 - see you there ... maybe
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Or maybe I should use this one in honour of the Something Wellington painting done for me by Erioca over at Frogstar World E

I can't vouch for the quality, quantity or the actual existence of the organisers, venue or speakers but I'm sure you'll find out the details as the Conference draws closer. Hat tip to Haydn's posting at Grabthar's Hammer