And that's the Parental Leave done

2 weeks has come and most certainly gone. All very fast and a little too short for my liking but I think I will be returning to work with a Mum and kids with a solid base for the next couple weeks when I'm off for a further two weeks for Christmas.

A lot has happened and I can't imagine not having Meg around and it's quite strange to think that she only came out less than 2 weeks ago. She's been so settled, easy and just quietly getting on with life as all the dramas, such as they were, happened around her. She's getting her sleeping pattern (2-3 times up at night but that's not too shabby) and even her red/sore bum is all sorted.

Jack has also got on with life and his little sister has become quite an integral part of his life. He loves helping give her baths, change her nappy and becomes very animated when she gets up from a sleep.

It's been quite hard for him sharing his Mum and it's taken quite a lot of energy on a tired Mum's part (who's also still healing from major surgery) to ensure he gets some quality Mum-Jack time. But that's happening and it can only get better as Liz gains more energy.

The last couple of days have been quite hell for us as Jack caught conjunctivitis from a fellow wee-person which turned into quite a dodgy temperature. I was up all night Tuesday with him as he struggled through 39.6 degrees. Yesterday were back at the doctors and we have some quite powerful stuff to help him through it all. And praise be to all the wellness fairies that it seemed to work and after a vomit (poor sod) he slept all through the night and seems to be on the road to recovery.

So, work ... been trying to get myself back into it by logging on and catching up on the emails. I've got myself booked for the next two days with meetings but at least it ends well with the IT sections Christmas do Friday evening after an afternoon of celebrating our successes.

I'm gonna have a session with family and friends Wetting The Baby's Head. Not sure if it's a Kiwi thing but I know it's definitely a British thing and therefore it's gonna happen.

This only leaves me to start planning for Christmas and the arrival of Mum and Dad.

Oh, and discovering why I didn't get paid for the Parental Leave - just what I need as Christmas comes ...


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