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Web 2.0, pah, it's Web 0.4a

Image hosted by Like to pass this view from a very well respected person (currently a "strategic architect") within my current organisation as I believe it puts "Web 2.0" (which, as you probably know, I love) in to perspective:

Over the weekend I downloaded and installed the final production release of NCSA Mosaic 3.0. For the uninformed, Mosaic was the original rich content browser from National Centre for Supercomputing Architecture (NCSA). Both Netscape and IE were derived from that browser.

So I tried it out on:

Mosaic 3.0 browser was built in 1997 and by today's standards is a piece of non-functional crap. Outside was our 1997 Nissan Terranno. Still a modern fully functional vehicle that is fully compatible with all the fuel, oil and road standards.

My take is that the internet, and most ITS systems, are still an imature and evolving infrastructure. Rather than web 2.0 we should be talking about Web 0.4a. Once we have an infrastructure that can fully support stuff 20 years old we will have reached Web 1.0.