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Peter Jackson's King Kong is coming

The second trailer is up as well as the 6 weeks to go Post Production Diary - the earlier production diaries are available on DVD.

Here's the blurb from KongIsKing site:
Welcome to 'The Mix: Part 2', with 6 weeks to go Michael Hedges, Michael Semanick, Chris Boyes again let us peek into the fascinating work in the sound mixing department. Chris shows us around his toy, the Mix Console (it deserves capital letters), this massive piece of hardware looks like it belongs on the Enterprise. Along with more mixers, re-mixers, and a ton of other stuff I have no idea what to call, Chris must piece together every aspect of sound. Chris works in 3 dimensions to make sure the sound experience you hear while watching the movie is as realistic as possible. Some great new dialog and scenes here, as well as snippets from the 'newly mixed score'!!!

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Oh, and notice it's being called "Peter Jackson's King Kong" ...