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Meg, today, possibly

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Image hosted by Photobucket.comYep, today is D-Day which could be "Delivery Day" but is probably gonna be "Don't-hold-your-breath Day".

I don't know what else to say really ... we're waiting. Liz had what she thought was a contraction last night just as she got into bed but nothing happened - just as well as I was up at 3am watching the All Blacks v Ireland, I bet she comes during the game next weekend, how untimely.

So, we wait, and we wait and we wait ...

Jack is waiting for "bub" (refuses to call her Meg).
Liz is hanging out (actually, she's poking out) for Meg.
I'm totally ready for Meg ... probably.
The family are waiting for news.
Jacks cousins are waiting for Meg.
The mates are waiting for news (txt hubs installed and ready to go).

We are ALL waiting for Meg ...

Number photo from Flickr: Interesting photos tagged with zero
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