Maximum number of days until Meg is ...

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She's due next week (Sunday 13th) but if she's a tad overcooked the latest she's allowed to laze around inside is 10 days and therefore out on 23rd at the very latest. That gives me the biggest number I can come up with until Meg's here (oh, I s'pose how long in seconds could work).

Once again I'm not quite sure what I can say to you Meg - we're ready, we're prepared (as you can be) and we're just waiting ... ... ! ... ...

I'm no longer accepting work appointments (tentative), the social life involving beer is a thing of the past and no more late nights.

When you're ready girl, out ya come ...

[Updated 9pm]
Here's a snippet from an email Liz has just sent out to her mates - think it sums up her point of view quite beautifully:
..., yep one week to go till due date, and got to say I'm throughly over it. Waddling like a giant Yeti, up a gazilian times in the night for the loo and oh yes moments of being breathless and generally in a state of exhaustion!!! Yep being pregnant ain't my idea of a good time so glad I wont be repeating it. On the other side have moments of being really excited about meeting her wondering what she'll look like and be like etc, so will keep you all posted or Mike will. ...and if any of you have any words of wisdom about life with two children please do share!!!

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