Weeks to go = 5

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAll very close now.

We've washed her clothes ... now there's a thing. I know we've had one kiddie-winkle before and therefore the hand-me-downs has started but I also know we've not bought pink stuff before. So the question is, where the bloody nora did all that pink stuff come from?

Awesome mates with girls is probably the answer.

Pink though. What a bloody awful colour. And there's just so much to choose from when you see the stuff for girls - all shades of pink in all styles as long as there's a bloody ribbon on it somewhere.

I am trying to ensure that the pink is kept to a minimum. As is Liz. But I think we're fighting a loosing battle against the baby girl marketting machine that is out there in the clothing industry.

Sorry Meg, we did try.

So, the clothes were washed today (lovely drying weather here in Christchurch).
I've even moved my socks and undies to other drawers freeing up the space for the wee gal.

We've dusted down the matress of the basinet. Actually Liz froze the mattress in the freezer for a week. Kills all the dust mites and their mates ... so I'm led to believe.

Emotionally Jack and I seriously getting into, "Welcome to our world" for Meg. We bought a pressie (from Jack to her on her arrival) - a soft Dorothy The Dinosaur. Mind you, he's not really into the Wiggles anymore - it's all cars, balls and blocks at the mo'.

I am much more into Meg as well. Re-focussed as promised and it's now, nearly, my number one thing I think about. Have to say it's been tough ... but we're getting there. As was commented on for the previous Meg posting, having the second can bring up all sorts of stuff - will I be able to love her as much as I love Jack, will they get on, what if I can't handle the extra pressure, can I share the love ... and the like.

I'm in trust mode. I trust it will all be fine and dandy as I'm surrounded (and part) of families with two or more kids in ... and most of them turned out just fine.

And I trust us. Liz and I. We will work it out if we have to and make it be cool and sweet.

Not long now then Meg ... very VERY V E R Y excited about having you join us all!

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