I am knackered

Jack woke up last night (early this morning) crying - who knows why, too hot, too cold, had a bad dream ... I had to stay with him, calm him down and rock the wee fella away again.

But that only worked for about 5 minutes and off we went again.

Even in my sleep deprived state though I managed to recall a conversation Liz and I had had earlier about Jack going into the bunk bed in preparation for Meg's arrival and use of the cot. So we were gonna do it this weekend.

And so, this time I put him into the bunk bed (bottom one of course) and snuggled up with him ... sort of. It's a single with a bit of 'roll together' and, of course, I was trying to make sure Jack was safe and snuggled in. I lay there for hours and hours, well it seemed like it as I had started in the dark and was still dark when I managed to crawl off the bed and back to my own one.

I was late for work.

I forgot my Metro Pass (bus ticket) and ATM card. So not enough money to eat. Luckily the guy at the coffee shop (of which I always seem to be the only customer) gave me a coffee and is letting me pay tomorrow.

And at some point I've gotta phone the old landlord and discuss his deductions from our bond!

What a start to the week.


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