Week 15, all quiet on the baba front

After the excitement and fun (!) of last week I'm happy to report that nothing has happened this week. Nothing ... and it's a pleasure to write it.

As we enter week 15 Liz has taken to stroking the imaginary expanding stomach. This act I find quite amusing and sometimes a tad annoying. There's nothing there. But inside I'm sure Meg/Louie receive good vibes from it.

Also Liz is about to have a week or so of, "My word! Liz has put on some weight" type thoughts from those that don't know she's pregnant (are there actually people left that don't know we're having another baby?!?).

I'm not so sure about 'Louie' anymore. It now has the feeling of being a place-holder until the real boys name comes along, if required.

Meg has almost been voted in by all and is probably unassailable.

Jack is definitely part of the "we're having a baby" gang now and has a little routine/joke of pointing to himself, "Baba?" to which I reply "No". Then it's my turn and finally Mum with a big grin and a giggle of, "I knew all along". Very cute.

That's it really. Nothing big has 'changed' inside for me re: Meg/Louie.

Oh, Liz bought some funky maternity clothes from Baby Star.
By crickey haven't they done well - and good on 'em, they deserve it for their awesome personal service. The lady serving Liz remembered her from when we were shopping for Jack!


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