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I hate where I work.

Let me re-phrase that, I hate the location of my office. It's at the top of Molesworth Street and in large-city terms it's really only a hop, skip and a jump from the CBD. But I never get to go into the CDB. I feel so "out of touch", so "in the 'burbs" so, so ... like I'm an extra in The Office.

Things could be happening without me knowing. I don't know what 'things' but they could be happening nonetheless and I'd not be included.

The office itself is very cool ('won awards' type cool from what I can gather).

It's big enough to feel important, small enough to not get too lost.

It's open and airy ("well there's air in it") and pretty close to the perfect office layout for me.

And I sit next to a window, well a wall of windows really. I get to watch the happenings on Tinakori Road, the current helicopter log removal process and any accidents before/after the tunnels are there for me to gaze down upon. If you want to know what the traffic is like before leaving of an evening I'm ya man.

I'd give it all away to be in town.

My mates meet for lunch and I miss out (sometimes).

People get to pop out for some shopping. The only "popping" I get to do is for lunch to one of the 3 cafes or the local new World supermarket (the "Thorndon Dairy" as one of my more self-confessed snobby Tinakori Road resident friends call it ;-)

I also miss the people. The real people and not just the same Governmental employees (civil servants I think we're called - catch me before a coffee and you'll find out just how un-civil I can be). I miss the masses. I miss the differences. I miss the bumping into friends. I miss the occasional bumping into strangers.

All because I had lunch in town today with my partner and I notice how much I miss it. Tomorrow I will have forgotten.


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