No more Microsoft Outlook email for me

I've made a leap of faith into the dark and am no longer using a PC based mail client - everything is gonna be stored on-line and will be available all the time/anywhere at Google Mail.
(well nearly everything - it still checks the old email addresses but I can shift them over to my Gmail ones as they pop-up)

Why? Well, it does everything I want from a mail client/program AND it lets me keep everything I send and receive. That was the only reason I've been sticking to Outlook (or any PC based program) for so long, the ability to store all my emails in one place. Now that Gmail has 2Gbs and has a stated policy of increasing until it's just no longer an issue (they'd better!!) then have my patronage.

I've kicked all the wheels and really given Gmail a damn good bashing in the past few weeks and it's missing nothing ... well, maybe a rich-text signature but I'm living with that. It stores, groups and finds my emails so easily. The interface is extremely intuative to use. The spell checker works beautifully. Contacts are a dream to use - better than Outlook in fact. Spam is handled as well as anything else. All-in-all I'm a happy bunny AND it's still in beta.

BUT, I'm not getting rid of Outlook totally. Why not? No calendar system with Gmail. It's the one thing left that they don't offer (and I have no idea if they ever will). Shame.

Oh, and there is the fact that Liz uses Outlook. And I need something for me to get at the past 5 years of emails ... or do I? Google Desktop Search will quite happily find and display my Outlook emails in my browser, hmmm.

As Google Mail (Gmail) is still beta you can't just sign-up but have to be "invited". I have a number of invites left, if you want one email me at


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