I hate being ill

I hate being ill ... now. At first it was OK, I got to be off work during a stunning Wellington week and spend some very cool times with the lad. I couldn't actually do much outdoors as my energy levels were absolutely shot - simply walking down to and back from the local dairy was a nightmare and I was totally knackered after it.

Am at the office and have managed to grind through the work up to now but the brain has shut down .. completely. I cannot concentrate on anything I'm doing and am so easily distracted that this posting has taken a good 30 minutes just to get this far.

Mind you, it's easy to be distracted as a sodding big helicopter flies across Tinakori Hill picking up fallen trees and, for a little excitement, accidently dropping one or two.

... [brain not repsonding] .... [reboot required] ...

Oh, bloody hell, it's only 2:30pm ... I thought it was at least 4pm. Crickey, I'm never gonna make this. That's it, I'm off home to fall asleep in the sun and rest my very wearied bones.

Of course I'm not actually gonna go and see a doctor, take any medicine or look after myself as that would spoil the image everyone has of men. Nope, I'm gonna whinge to everyone, ask for sympathy from all comers and generally be a small boy about it.


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