10 measley points

My second worse weekend of Virtual Super 12 but do I care, not a jittery jot. I think I'm gonna be like the Hurricanes with a grand start, average middle and a lame ending - I hope they prove me wrong.

Lions latest news - none that I know of. The All Black management must be a tad concerened by the injuries but plenty of time to get that right for the tests. Sounds like the Maori XV will be full strength though.
I flip-flop between, "Ach, the All Blacks will win 3-0" to, "Crickey, it's gonna be a tough series for both teams".

I am interested in the All Blacks season this year though as it looks absolutely huge. Has anyone actually tackled anything like this before?
I mean, that is playing everyone who's anyone in international rugby. Care to give me odds on the All Blacks winning all 11 tests?


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