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Jack's asleep, we've done the shopping and we're waiting to see if any guests come to our joint birthday BBQ ... stop! Don't leave any "aaah, that's too sad Mike" type comments as it's just one of those things. We've managed to book a BBQ when nearly every single one of our friends it's out of Wellington. So, we're gonna get people (I'm sure some people will pop in) that, well to put it bluntly, aren't normally the people that turn up ("B list" is far too harsh). Anywho, whilst we await I'm chilling out with the Web (listening to BBC radio comedy) and randlomly visiting sites using the "Blog HOT or NOT" thang.

Save Toby - check out how much people has donated ... *sheesh*.

TRAE days - I dunno, whenever I stumble across a non-western site I always think it's a set-up. That says too much about the Internet and quite a bit about me.

ClockLink - nice if you need it (I don't after trying it)

Croc o' Lyle - one for the usability geeks out there (ie, me)

BlogAmp - yes, we want to know your every f^cking move

... aaah, cup of coffee from Mrs MiramarMike, very nice ...

"Upper Hutt, Wellington is such a dump" - I can't find any reference to this person having lived there or even visited it ... (be aware: slow loader)

... and here comes Jack, waking up. That was fun, see you all next week at work.

[Updated 6-March-2005]
And, just to let you know, the BBQ/party was awesome - loads of fun. Thanks to all those that popped in and hope you had as much of a cool time as Liz and I did.


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