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Yep, back at work and really into it (already sent through 3 application requirements :-). And so, in a ten second break I read the frontpage of My Yahoo! and this caught my eye - Yahoo! News - Apple Edges Google as Top Brand.

And so, the work year of 2005 starts in earnest ... bum, it's just so nice out there with the sun shinning and the wind not blowing.
Of course I had a cracking lead up to it and spent Friday-Sunday in Riversdale having, what could (should) become an annual event, a "Lads Weekend". Lots of beer/wine was drunk, loads of BBQ food was eaten and not one person got to see the sun come up ... no, I lie, Rob was woken up because, for the first night, he slept outside!

No doubt there will be pictures put up once Adam gets the piccies off his camera and send them all around.

Back yesterday afternoon and it was cracking to hug the wee fella and kiss the wee gal ... did miss them a little on Saturday morning :-(

And so .... work ... ah well, it's all good really and it's letting me get on with the grand career path (I'll post that up one day).
BUT, just to keep me going I'm also gonna look into a bach in the Coromandel over Christmas/New Year when mum and dad come out ...

Coromandel Bach - need info

Hi everyone,
I'm looking for a bach for next Christmas/New Year in the Coromandel (slightly off the beaten track would be good) so I can show off some of the northern sights to my parents from Wales.

We'd need to sleep 2 or 3 couples (one with toddler named Jack). Camping space might be good if others come to crash.

Any pointers to specific bach's, contacts for me to get in touch with or just advice about where's good and where to avoid is gratefully received - just leave a comment.

Thanks in anticipation, Miramar Mike


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