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22nd December, 2001

Here I am, last 40 mins of work this year and bugger all to do apart from a whole bunch of "anti-work" which has been summoned from the Nether Regions, you know the stuff - a job which on the surface appears to be useful and promote a good vibe and get things done, but in reality, just creates a bunch of tasks that have no real existamnce outside of this man-created vacuum...

So I thought I'd just write to pass some time in-between scoffing choccys which I have blagged from the "help-Desk Girls". So called because they are not only gals, but supply us all with help. Not the sort of "help" that we fellas actually NEED from time to time, no, but a purer form of assistance allowing us to get to other places and stay in hotels and get places on time.

God, it's stil only 3:30......

There must also be a Demon of Time which adds minutes in-between other minutes just to f**k up your life. He probably gets them from the minutes he steals when you are down the pub, or (speaking as a bloke) making lurve, or watching your team down 2-1 and it's moving towards injury time... Yeah, that good `ol Time Goblin strikes again.

So what will Santa be filling your sack with this year?

At moments like this I realise that he STILL owes me a brand new bike. The Bastard. I suppose he thinks I`ve forgotten. I`ll be waiting for him this year and finally have it out with the rogue. He's cheated me once too often...

So I have all the fun of "The Office Christmas Party" tonight. May Allah protect me from colleagues I wouldn't piss on if they were on fire, amourous secretaries (although...) and laughing at the Boss's "jokes". I`m driving this year - sobriety will be my shield and ward off Satan's hoardes in their human form. And at least this year someone else gets to be the fall guy and face 3 months of piss-taking when we get back in the New Year. Been there, done that. Not this time, babe.

20 mins to go...

New Year's resolutions? who knows. Never really made any. I do want to really get down to college work and do something for my long-term prospects. To give myself th bst chance of passing exams will be my one concession to change.

And so to putting the lid on this year at work, and almost this year of my life. Been good in parts, funny, inspiring, challenging, disappointing, rewarding getting back in touch with old pals, and at times; thought provoking. Who can ask for more than that?

Want to spend more time scuba diving next year, and perhaps get back into am-dram or maybe a band. So much to do, so little time. Which brings me back to the Time Goblin again.

Have a great one, get pissed, and plan next year's gym programme.

Big Festive hugs and a filling for your stocking,



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