Fuck, I Needed This

The amount of willing and active misunderstanding of climate change blows my mind. How those that have no background in climate science have suddenly become experts in it, espouse beliefs, pass on half-truths, and even demand they have a say on such things, is both scary as fuck and a sign that something deep and incredibly broken is moving through humanity.

Saying, "I don't know.", and "Those that have spent their lives working at this say ..." are my two phrases.

"I don't know"
It's fine not to know.

The human world is ever increasingly complex, and recently comes at us from all angles and is very demanding (subtly) in gaining a response from us.

When someone's posts something that has a comment box and "I don't know", I don't put anything. Same when someone asks me something I don't know, I simply say, "I don't know".

"Those that have spent their lives working at this say ..."
This, bizarrely, almost always garners a rarked up response ... a "them" response couched in "not one of us/wanting to do us harm". I never ever understand this and often (not always) want to ask them, "Why?" however it is not my place or my job to go there, so I don't.

I am also learning to say, "You seem a bit irritated mate. What's up?"

It's a new one I will be using if the previous two phrases haven't guided the conversation onto smoother waters. I like it because:

  1. Everyone thinks they're being reasonable
  2. No one's gonna change their mind by getting called a dick


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