Huh? Telling Us What We Can Read Is A Problem?

Information filter bubbles from a TED talk
Nah, surely having personal results is a good thing, it helps us manage the information overload ... no? Well, yes, if it's done with transparency ... big "if".

The key is to know on what basis item A is allowed into your view and why item B isn't. Actually, even knowing item B exists is probably the first step.

Back in 2011 Eli Pariser talks directly to the Larry, Sergey, and Zuckerberg's of the world asking for them to give us the control and transparency that we need to enjoy what the Internet/Web promised. We never got it eh, and look what happened, we all chose sides and it's messy, dangerous, and very very siloed.

As Siouxsie Wiles asked back in 2020:
So please, before sharing something, ask yourself these questions:
  • How does this make me feel?
  • Why am I sharing this?
  • Do I know if it’s true?
  • Where did it come from?
  • Whose agenda might I be supporting by sharing it?

Yup, this post came out of a historical Pocket save of a Siouxsie Wiles post, Now let’s flatten the infodemic curve, dated August 9, 2020. Ah, Sciblogs, I miss you still :(


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