Change Feelings

Moving on can be a right royal pain. Logistically it's both time consuming and expensive, unless you've paired your life down to a suitcase and whilst I'm close even I'm not there yet.

There's no suitcase big enough to hold all the feelings. Before you move, whilst you're moving, and for an indeterminate amount of time after you've moved the feelings are there.

Sadness/grief at the end of something. FOMO for all the things that will continue without you. Connections untying and becoming lost, or changed at the very least.

Excitement at all the adventures ahead are both real and what everyone focuses upon. The feelings above are just as valid and should be acknowledged, if only to yourself.

Change Managers are very unlikely to take those above feelings into account, especially if the change is made concrete by some change in computer thingies. Yes the previous system was crap/too expensive/unsupported/not cool enough for the CIO/different to everyone else but that's not relevant to those going through grief at losing their system.

Above all I would remind those going through change (who isn't), "You'll be ok", these times will come and go, the feelings will become a part of you, and you will survive, and you will thrive.
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