The Bugle podcast

Good lordy lord, I have NOT told you all about the grandaddy podcast of them all, the one that has been going since 2007 ... 2000 and SEVEN, that's the year the iPhone appeared, so they were doing "podcasts" before the word "podcasts" had entered our ears.

What can I say, if you ever seen / heard John Oliver and/or Andy Zaltzman then you know exactly what you're gonna get with The Bugle. Of course John Oliver has moved to the US and become mildly successful having to leave the podcast in 2016 ... just after I had ordered a t-shirt, I shall never forgive him.

Andy now has a regular set of co-hosts alongside Producer Chris, and it has regained its footing and been a stalwart of Mike listening since forever.

If you're very lucky you'll get a pun run from Andy as well ... no-one can beat this man on a pun run.

Nowadays The Bugle is not just a podcast but a "stable of podcasts" with The Gargle, The Last Post, Bush's Board Game Thing, and Tiny Revolutions.


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