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I still use the Web as a library, a place to go and discover ideas, points of view, and thinking on subjects. And funny stuff.

As you may know I don't really go online to hear brain farts from strangers hence me moving on from "social media" (whatever that actually is).

I also do like sharing. And whilst most people share using either Facebook or Twitter I'm more likely to pop it into my blog* or send it to various mates via Signal / text.

Making a post on this blog takes time as I don't allow myself to simply share a link with a thumbs-up, I have to give a reason as to why I think it's worthy or reading (IMHO), and usually what the article I'm sharing means to me - trying to keep myself away from the brain farts previously mentioned. I don't always succeed but when I do it makes me smile inside.

To keep a track of things I've read, heard, or seen on my travels around the Web I use Pocket, a simple "bookmarking" tool that saves them all up in an app and makes everything offline for reading (great for the long reads). 

Pocket has been around for a long time and if you're a Firefox user you'll definitely know, and in 2017 it is now owned by the Mozilla Corporation.

On Pocket I have 23 people following me, who knew and also who knew what for. Aha, I have just discovered "recommendations" as in, "I recommend this for people to read/watch/listen", so that's what they are all waiting for. Not sure I'll use it a lot, but now I know it's there - apparently I have known previously because there are already recommendations from me - and how to use it I will recommend the truly great pieces, just before I write them up on my blog :)

* blog, a truncation of weblog, a log of web pages one has been to. More at Wikipedia:Blog


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