Being Kind, It's One The Toughest Things You Can Do

Mark Watson (@watsoncomedian) is a fascinating British comedian who often gets to the nugget of life, this time he has a few salient words upon "showing kindness".
Part of the problem of this age, with its free and endless flow of information/ideas, is that important truths become over-familiar and end up seeming meaningless.
I agree with his view on how the very word "kindness" often had a soppy connotation
Part of the problem with ‘kindness’ is that it sounds like some sort of cute hobby for a person who’s got a retro 80s pencil-case and has a Spotify playlist that is purely songs with acoustic guitars in.
It's MUCH tougher than some airy fairy feeling or tweet, it takes a lot of balls to really be kind, especially to those that you don't really connect with and think are most definitely in the opposing army
This flexing of key human muscles is a much braver act than digging your little trench, staying in it and screaming at anyone who doesn’t agree with everything you say.
source: Kindness: a very quick guide

Had to leave you with this though😜
Kindness is not a wanky poster or tweet


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