Ahoy Hoy

I open all my written chats (Messenger, Allo, text, even some emails) with "Ahoy hoy" ... coz it makes me laugh.

Where the fark did I get it from ... The Simpsons and specifically Mr Burns

But really this, as read in Wikionary:
In the 1870s, Scottish-born inventor Alexander Graham Bell did much development for the newly-invented telephone. Bell's preferred salutation, ahoy-hoy was derived from the nautical term "Ahoy" which in its turn is derived from Dutch "hoi" meaning "hi".
and so ...
A recent resurgence in the popularity of the term has resulted from its use by The Simpsons character Montgomery Burns, who often answers the telephone with the greeting of "Ahoy-hoy." The use of the now-defunct ahoy-hoy, instead of the standard "hello", is a running joke referring to Mr. Burns' very advanced age.


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