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".. most important thing for New Zealanders is the hosting of the World Cup, not the winning of it."

If Kiwis focus on the All Blacks 100% then they are gonna miss out on a massive event, great rugby and the chance of a lifetime to meet and party with awesome visitors.

I for one will be taking the following into the competition:
  • Hope the All Blacks win
  • Hope Wales do awesomely and make it to the semi's
  • See every game somehow
  • Meet at least one native of all the competing countries
  • Have a blast with the surrounding events
The order of what's most important will likely change day-by-day and I certainly won't struggle if the All Blacks get knocked out in the pool rounds with only 1 of my 5 dependent upon them.

If the All Blacks AND Wales get knocked out in the pool rounds then I'm stuck with watching rugby, meeting new people and having a blast - not so bad eh!