You Know You're Officially Old When ...

  • You walk into the room and wonder why
  • You talk to the condiments
  • You stomp around the house asking everyone where are your glasses only to discover their on your head
  • You don't care if the neighbours can hear you
  • You realise that your parents had a point or two
  • The cartoons on TV are all shouty and weird
  • People are actually looking up to you
  • Your memories seem to be a movie of another time involving other people
  • You talk about cassette tapes knowing no-one uses them but without realising a lot of people don't even know what they are
  • Cheesy "feel good movies" are just what the doctor ordered
  • You use phrases such as "just what the doctor ordered"
  • You tell everyone that music isn't as good as it used to be - it's all retro, copying, been done before and derative
Inspired by my wife who just exhibited one of these traits.


  1. When they start calling you "Young Man" you know you are really over the hill.......

  2. I only look up to you because I'm about a foot shorter than you...



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