The Very Best Of Wellington - VOTE!

Voting is open in The Annual Wellingtonsta Awards (TAWA) ... have at it!

Closes December 1st!


  1. Best Café
  2. Best BYO
  3. Best Restaurant
  4. Best Drink in Town
  5. Best Late Night Experience
  6. Best Service
  7. Best Coffee
  8. Best Regular Entertainment
  9. Best Live Performance
  10. Best Event
  11. Best Outdoors Experience
  12. Best Suburban Destination
  13. Best Art Experience
  14. Best Shopping Experience
  15. Most Needed
  16. Most Missed
  17. Best Contribution to the Internet by a Wellingtonian
  18. Best Thing About Wellington

Just some of the prizes you can win on Dec 3 at #TAWA5

If you’d like to associate your business with the best website about Wellington, and the best night of the year, they'd love to give away your products too – email Joanna to add your name to there official list


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