What Does It Mean To Be British?

When the house is quiet I get to peak back in time using my "Starred Items" list in the Google Reader and see what I thought was of absolute and utter importance way back then. Mostly the articles are scanned and immediately unstarred but now and again I read something and exclaim, "Ooooh yeah, that was awesome then"

"What it means to be British" from the UK Ministry of Justice is one I can't even remember seeing! I think it was in reaction to the crazy post "kick them all out" times that the country went through ... but I could be wrong.

What do I think it means to be British ... well, I quite like JK Rowling's answer:
'Britishness for me means the best comedy and the best music in the world, the most interesting fashion and football, and the funkiest flag,' says author JK Rowling.

... except for the flag bit :-)
And the football stuff.

I would also add in The Beano (Wikipedia) and whatever that encapsulates about being British, innocence, naughtiness, fun, stuff the teachers ...


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