Flight details in NZ and worldwide

I think I may have blogged this before but I can't be pooped to look for it.

Liz and the kids flew down to Christchurch a week or so ago and, because of the slightly inclement weather here in Wellington, we wanted to know if the flight was on time so we could warn the receiving party.

Old fashioned way
  • Call the airport
  • Get put on hold
  • Get a recorded message
  • Get nothing!
  • Call the airline
  • [see above]
New hip and fandagled way
  • Google the flight number
  • Read status
  • Make plans

Tricks for young players, if your flight number has a leading zero (eg, NZ0421) then drop the zero (eg, NZ421).

And, I have to say the Auckland Airport website is also pretty good and slightly more up to date. The Wellington Airport site was OK but behind Google which gets its info from http://www.flightstats.com who have widgets for Africa (Facebook, websites, RSS, toolbars ...)


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