Some Days

Some days the weather reflects the mood, but the greyness will drift away and the green trees and blue skies will visible.But not right now.

Old postings in the feed - sorry, Blogger's fault

[Updated 9th, Mar, 2007] Finished! We are one.
[Updated 12th, Feb, 2007] Just done February 2005 ... January to go (25 posts) and no more RSS feed time traveling !
[Updated 4th, Feb, 2007] Just done March 2005 ... 2 more months to go and that's it!

Just as an explanation as to why old postings are appearing in the MiramarMike feed.

Moving from MiramarMike to ChCh-Changes I made the silly mistake of actually creating 2 blogs instead of merely renaming the original. I have been rectifying that mistake by moving all the old postings back into the live blog (this one, MiramarMike). Before the upgrade to Blogger this happened silently in the night and no-one knew but with the upgrade the feed out is by "update date" and not "published on date" - you are now told about every edit.

Sorry, only 115 69 25 NONE to go ...