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Job hunting in the USA

Flickr: Mike as a chickenWell, NZ (Wellington) really but it just has a much nicer ring to it with "USA"

Agencies are a bit quieter this week and will rark them up tomorrow. The people I know around town though seem to be coming through with great guns (and jobs, more importantly) and I am forever grateful and surprised when I get a call/email out of the blue introducing me to yet another organisation.

I suspect that I might be gainfully employed by the end of this week - can everyone sit in a quiet place and meditate positively on that prospect for a few minutes ... thanks.

I'm actually out at Plimmerton with Emma for the week which is very restful (no, I/we don't want to move 'up the coast' just yet ... but that time may come, probably will). She has a glorious laptop with a wide screen, great view AND a free wireless connection.

Well, she has a free wireless connection after I checked to see what's out there and found one that didn't ask for login credentials. So, to whoever is running 'linksys', thanks, it's been extremely fast and very helpful.