Some photo's around Christchurch recently

7 days to goIt was bloody cold in Deans Bush and Liz was rushing to get out :-)
Flickr: Feeding the ducks at Riccarton House Flickr: IMG_0509 Flickr: Jack and Liz in amongst the green Flickr: River (stream?) near Riccarton House

Seven days to go ... Liz and I both mentioned that we're almost into, "Oooh, the last [insert day name]!". All jolly exciting. The leaving drinks on Friday was fun, got a card and some collected money even though I'd said I wasn't really into that. Bought myself the Arctic Monkeys CD and the 2-DVD release of the fourth Harry Potter (Goblet of Fire) before treating myself to a slap up Indian meal on the way home.

Flickr: Pukeko - Northwood, Christchurch

Had a few drinks with people last night as well (MASSIVE hand to Pete for making the journey down from Wellington AND HUGE sadness to Karen who couldn't get down because of the bloody fog!). Was good to say tara to some Christchurch people and will most definitely be saying in touch with a few.

Flickr: Jack shows Meg how to knit Flickr: Jack watches Finding Nemo on the works laptop

And so ... Monday ... no work to go to. Weird. But I will get used to it.
Jack and I are off to the movies tomorrow (Over The Hedge). Cool.


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