Mr Colins was merely making a bid for the top job

Rugby was the winner on the day - if that's what was being playedNo wonder Mr Collins was keen to "put the biff" on Mr McCawe and it all makes sense when we learn that Collins to captain All Blacks. It's always political at any workplace, this time we 'saw' the Wellington branch trying to "muscle in" on the top man from the high performing Christchurch office, fun when it all happens in front of everyone (!?!?)

Hearty congrats and thanks to the teams, ref and TV camera operators for their work!

*"SERIOUS-NESS" ALERT - you have been warned*
Congratulations to the Crusaders team and support crew (that's the ones paid by the Canterbury Rugby Union, not the fans ;-) - they thoroughly deserved the win. And my next comment is in no way a reflection on them ... their win wasn't good for rugby. And I agree with the Crusader fans that it's not their fault that they're so dominating and always win, it's the opposition. But the Super 12/14 competition has become much like International rugby - a four horse race each and every time - Crusaders, Hurricanes, Warratahs and Brumbies (I know, the Bulls got to the semi instead of the Brumbies this time ... will it happen again though?)

Whilst I thoroughly enjoy watching a good All Black game vs The Boks or the Wallabies as much as I do the 'Canes v the Crusaders, the Warratahs or [insert Super 14 side of choice] it's just so damned repeatable. The games themselves are mostly good, but it's well, it's the same dish being served over and over again and has a McDonalds feel to it.

Where's the spice coming from - Italy? The Pacific Islands? Argentina? The gap between the top tier and the second is bloody big and to plummet down to the rest is depressing. Good if you're a player for England or the Crusaders but not if you want to grow the game. I know, it's up to the opposition to get better - and I agree, it is, I don't want to the Crusaders to get worse (truly, I don't - I think they're bloody amazing and on 'em), I want someone to actually be able to challenge them. But when is it ever gonna happen? Next years World Cup pool games are NOT gonna throw up any surprises ... the same old gang will battle out the quarter/semi/final.

Maybe it's cyclical.

The sad thing is that I don't have the excitement within me that I used to - too much of a good thing? Maybe. Something I might discover when I'm in the UK and I get to see no good rugby (that right Vicus?) ...

BTW: Anyone interested in the (Soccer) World Cup?


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