What is Pingu saying?

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt's been bothering me for quite a while now and no-one seems to be able to give me a definitive answer - what language does Pingu and his type actually speak.

I checked the official Pingu site but after an extensive search (2 minutes) of looking I found nothing that was of any use to me. Googled it and found the most excellent article, Pingu's Lingo, or How to Get By in Penguinese by Tony Thorne, from which I give you these quotes:
Carlo Bonomi, the Italian character actor who originally created Pingu's voice says that ever since he was a child he has been entertaining himself by inventing make-believe languages and experimenting with amusing noises.
Knowing that the series originated in Switzerland has led some people to assume that it's Swiss-German dialect that he's using.
Pingu fans in Japan are convinced that he is speaking their language at least some of the time ...
and one website for Pingu fans announced recently that the secret is out -Penguinese is based on Swahili!

But the final word ...
The truth is that it is a language all its own, and for that reason it is able to cross all language barriers and to appeal to everyone.


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