History Comes Alive

This is Mr Evans.

In the closing years of the 1970s it was noticed that I was old enough to go to 'big school'. Initially my parents thought it would be a step up to go to the Haberdashers Boy's School ... I didn't want this as none of my friends were going so I failed the entrance exam on purpose.

There's a million stories, a million heartaches, a tonne of boredom, and friends I still have. 

And there was Mr J Evans.

He was my History teacher for a year or so. I never pursued history in any academic way but you can tell by this blog's #history that it is a thing for me.

This is almost exclusively down to Mr John Evans.

Quite a few of us recall him acting out the Romans invading Wales. Him jumping onto desks to act out the Welsh hiding in the mountains, the battles between the desks, the cry of the dead, the whoops of the victorious.

John Evans is as spry as he ever was. A lifetime supporter of the Monmouth Rugby Club, goes to every game, and I am guaranteed to see him at least once during my visits.

Here's to John.


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