Women Are Better At Sport

I am so enjoying women's sport. For now.

Back in the 1950s football in England was a thing. Leading up to 1966, of course.

In the 1960s rugby in New Zealand was a thing.

For the 1970s, rugby in Wales was a thing.

They were times of incredible crowds, astounding games, memories that we, that weren't even born, have. Those that were there wrote songs about it.

Rugby now has followed football into the abyss of accountants, business, marketing, and even ROI.

MEN'S sport.
Everything I say above is about men's sport.

Blurred photo of a women's netball game
At the moment women's sport, especially rugby, football, and cricket here in AoNZ, is on the rise. Finally! The games get big crowds because there is so much joy on the field and in the crowds. The games are fun and that's the point of it all.

Remember when sport was fun?
Even amongst the older, dour, and very serious All Blacks fans they knew a good game, a fun game, when they saw it and loved it.

Womens sport is fun, joyful, and awesome to watch. For now.

Just like 1950s English football, 1960s Kiwi rugby, and 1970s Welsh rugby, women's sport will become a faded memory of better times.

The abyss of accountants, business, marketing, and even ROI will destroy the joy at some point.

And I hate having to write this and hope I am proved wrong for many years to come.

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