Tiswas Signatures

Tiswas was is the greatest Saturday morning kids show ever. Fact!

I was happy then, happy now that I was the perfect age for it all. I went and saw them live but I had to leave early (parents, pah!).

I got 3 signed photograph's just by writing off and asking for them - who can shout out the Tiswas address, GO!

Unfortunately the Sally James signed photo has faded away, but here's Bob Carolgees and Spit.

Bob Carolgees signed publicity photo with agent contact details. He's with his two puppets, a monkey and Spit The Dog.

And of course Chris Tarrant, the best thing he's ever done although he was pretty good doing the Capital Radio weekday 'going to work' show.

Chris Tarrant publicity photo, signed

Shame about the Sally James photo eh.


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